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“I’ll Get Arrested Next Time”

Recognize these tshirts?  That's right - "Stand with Randy"

Recognize these tshirts? That's right - "Stand with Randy"

Insane Jane coordinated a protest in D.C. at the White House this week – more pipeline stuff.

A Lincoln resident / former school teacher / aged and fragile BOLD member had actually planned to get arrested— and she did.

While Nebraskans were getting arrested, Insane Jane threw her group under the bus and took a “step back” to avoid arrest.   And she thinks the authors of this blog are “cowards”…phleeease, Jane….

The Omaha World Herald reported “Kleeb opted to not get arrested Monday so she could coordinate efforts from the outside. She said she planned to get arrested as part of a second group of Nebraskans who will arrive in Washington on Sept. 2 and will join the final day of protests on Sept. 3.”

So, Insane Jane is actually planning to get arrested, and is essentially committing a pre-meditated crime.

A Hastings area reader wrote us this week and said “If Jane is talking about getting arrested…isn’t that some kind of violation of Hastings school board ethics?”  Let’s face it, Insane Jane isn’t exactly the kind of role model we want for our kids down here in Hastings.  So, good point, reader – thanks for making it.

Our favorite line of this OWH article was “Obama was not at home Monday — he was vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard.”  Those BOLD folks just can’t seem to catch people at home when they visit!


Flashlights, Jane & the Governor’s Mansion – Oh My!

In August, The folks at BOLD held several “Stand With Randy” events across the state including “Africans Stand with Randy”, “Women Stand with Randy” and our favorite, “People who hate Bush and Stand with Obama also Stand with Randy” also held an event at 9:30pm on a Friday night called “Shine a Little Light on Heineman”.

Insane Janers with Flashlights

Protesters were encouraged to go to the Governor’s mansion at 9:30pm and shine flashlights at his house.  Do we have to point out the obvious here?  This must be one of the dumbest things we’ve ever heard of…almost.

The funniest thing of all is that Governor Dave wasn’t even home at the time of the protest.  Epic Fail?  We think so.

If Gov Dave had been home, wouldn’t an angry mob of people standing outside his house yelling and shining flashlights at his home be considered assault?  At minimum, harassment?  We’re pretty confident that if authorities would have gotten involved and started arresting Jane’s hippies, she would have personally avoided arrest and thrown her croonies under the bus, just like she did in Washington last week (more on that later).

Our friends at LeavenworthSt posted this YouTube video that has some interesting interviews with the flashlighters:

Interestingly enough, these folks will blindly vote for Obama, even when his State Department is in support of the current pipeline route.  Kool-Aid from Hastings, anyone?

We’re still trying to get the downlow on who this Randy person is that Insane Jane is standing with, and will be writing more about that soon.

Insane Jane Hijacks Events

Insane Jane has a long history of despising conservative groups across Nebraska, especially Americans For Prosperity.

The Americans For Prosperity Foundation held their “Running on Empty” National Tour in Omaha and Grand Island this week.  Both events had a crystal clear message:  Gas prices are too high and it’s hurting our economy and the poorest of American families.

Insane Jane decided to hijack both events to promote her pipeline agenda.

As best we can tell, AFP has never made any statements on their website or taken sides on the TransCanada pipeline.

We’re going to report on both events, so let us break it down:

Omaha – June 8th at Walnut Grove Park:

First off, there was no “bus”.  Insane Jane tells people to “Take a stand”.  We’re not sure what that means, exactly, since this event was about a concern over high gas prices and the AFP folks are saying they want lower gas prices.  Logic tells us that if BoldNebraska protested this event, they therefore want higher gas prices.  Big surprise.

Apparently Jane wasn’t at this event…

One reader of this website said she counted 134 people at this event.  We actually counted the number of people in one of the photos we were sent, and there were indeed well over 60.  How is this shameful?  We’ve seen many BoldNebraska events where less than a dozen people show up.  Like that time that Insane Jane convinced her hippies to put black plastic trash bags over themselves and roll down a hill to simulate an oil spill.  We’re glad to report nobody broke their hip at that event.

Here’s the 6 people who were “pushing back” at the Omaha event:

Wow, now that’s pushing back.   In all fairness, there were also two BOLD guys in suits who showed up late.  That makes 8.  Wow.  We also heard that the supporters of high gas prices were driving gas guzzling vehicles, which is just ironic and bizarre.

Who wears a suit with a jacket to an evening rally in a park?  Weird.  We wonder what would happen if folks showed up to the next Bold event with signs that said “BoldNebraska is Running on B.S.”  We’re really not sure what the point was to the sign, but the gal with the peace symbol shirt seems to be having a grand old time.

Grand Island – June 9th at Stolley Park:

Insane Jane did show up to this event, and so did about a half dozen of her dried-up and crusty old hippie BoldNebraska followers.  The sign in the background, “Save the world from the Kochs” is especially amusing.  Americans For Prosperity is funded by evil oil tycoon billionaires who make decisions based on greedy profits!  Oh, the humanity!  And then the Koch brothers fork money over to fund Americans For Prosperity and for the Koch Environmental Projects and lots of other things.   C’mon, BoldNebraska – are we really supposed to believe that you’re not being funded by Susie Buffet, George Soros and some other left-wing commies?   Do you really want to open up this discussion?  Becuase we’re happy to have it if you’d like us to start looking into your books.  By the way, who really does fund BoldNebraska?  Hmmm, maybe a call down to the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Office on Monday morning would be would answer more of our questions.  Where’s the transparency, Insane Jane?

It was overheard that after some proding, this old hippie finally admitted she wanted to see higher gas prices.  From the KHAS news spot:  “These protestors hijacked the event with their own mission:  To discuss environmental issues.  Particualarly, the proposed TransCanadian oil pipeline”.  Unfortunately, her admission to wanting higher gas prices didn’t make the news spot.

Here’s an analogy:  KHAS is to Insane Jane as CNN is to President Obama.   KHAS could have chosen to include interview footage of Lt. Governor Sheehy, Congressman Smith, AFP President Tim Phillips, State Senators Gloor or Fulton, GI Mayor Vavricek in their news spot, but instead chose Insane Jane.  We’re not surprised.

We would have loved to have been a fly on baby Willa’s head in this exchange between Insane Jane and one of our favorite Conservative State Senators, Tony Fulton.  We may need to hold a caption contest for this photo in the future.

We’re pretty sure she meant “afp”, not “agp”.

We’ll be looking for ideas from our readers on specifics about hijacking BoldNebraska’s future events.  Sometimes, although it’s not our style, we need to fight fire with fire.   And this is just another example in a long list of reasons why BoldNebraska has forced our hand to put together this blog.

What are your thoughts?