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Flashlights, Jane & the Governor’s Mansion – Oh My!

In August, The folks at BOLD held several “Stand With Randy” events across the state including “Africans Stand with Randy”, “Women Stand with Randy” and our favorite, “People who hate Bush and Stand with Obama also Stand with Randy” also held an event at 9:30pm on a Friday night called “Shine a Little Light on Heineman”.

Insane Janers with Flashlights

Protesters were encouraged to go to the Governor’s mansion at 9:30pm and shine flashlights at his house.  Do we have to point out the obvious here?  This must be one of the dumbest things we’ve ever heard of…almost.

The funniest thing of all is that Governor Dave wasn’t even home at the time of the protest.  Epic Fail?  We think so.

If Gov Dave had been home, wouldn’t an angry mob of people standing outside his house yelling and shining flashlights at his home be considered assault?  At minimum, harassment?  We’re pretty confident that if authorities would have gotten involved and started arresting Jane’s hippies, she would have personally avoided arrest and thrown her croonies under the bus, just like she did in Washington last week (more on that later).

Our friends at LeavenworthSt posted this YouTube video that has some interesting interviews with the flashlighters:

Interestingly enough, these folks will blindly vote for Obama, even when his State Department is in support of the current pipeline route.  Kool-Aid from Hastings, anyone?

We’re still trying to get the downlow on who this Randy person is that Insane Jane is standing with, and will be writing more about that soon.


Hating Oil

Kind of dramatic...

Kind of dramatic?

BoldNebraska and their aging 1960s hippie members who want nothing more than to relive the golden days of Woodstock continue to rant their opposition to TransCanada’s proposed oil pipeline over the Ogallala aquifer and western Nebraska.  This one issue has been a major priority for Bold Nebraska.

We actually applaud BoldNebraska for bringing this issue up in a big way.  Afterall, the Ogallala aquifer is the country’s largest underground water source and nobody wants to see it contaminated.

It would probably come as a surprise to Insane Jane to find out that we don’t work for the oil pipeline, or anyone who represents it.  In fact, we have some concerns of our own.

For example, we’ve heard chatter about TransCanada using eminent domain and threating condemnation of properites that refuse to sell thier land to TransCanada.  That’s bad.

Some have argued that the pipeline could be moved to  go around the Ogallala aquifer.  TransCanada doesn’t like this idea because it’s more expensive, and would increase oil costs to Nebraska consumers.  But this argument is definitely grounds for a legitimate discussion.

BoldNebraska has argued that the pipeline is an environmental catastrophe waiting to happen.  And they simply don’t want it, and are citing several reasons why.

We know the real reason Insane Jane and progressives throughout our country are against this pipeline, and oil in general.  We have a fundamental disagreement with you and it revolves around freedom.  Freedom to make money and profits (God forbid, Jane!).  Freedom to own, manage and operate a business that provides a necessary resource to our economy.  Freedom to fill up the van and take the kids to soccer practice without having to sacrifice something else.

You think regulating gas intake, increasing gas prices and getting people to drive less is a good thing.  But it’s actually just downright unAmerican and socialist. And so is regulating a business out of a project.

At this point in time oil is the only readily accessible and available commodity that allows us to, you know – get from Hastings to Lincoln to give our Senators corny gifts from BoldNebraska.  Or to drive half way across the state to attend forums on food deserts in Omaha.

Focusing on eminent domain and safety VS profit is actually quite cunning and brilliant of Insane Jane.  Heck, she might just get her way on this one if she sticks to those talking points.  Too bad they aren’t her own personal reasons for opposing the pipeline…

Here’s what the Governor had to say about Insane Jane and her oil pipeline position:

And Insane Jane responded: