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Resign Jane, You Hypocrite!

Leavenworth St published a spot-on article about Insane Jane’s blatant school board campaign finance gaff.  We couldn’t have explained it any better, so we’re going to direct you to StreetSweeper’s post:  The Whole Story On Jane Kleeb’s Guilt.  We would like to thank the authors of Leavenworth Street for their reporting.  We all know we can’t depend on the Lincoln Journal Star, Omaha World Herald or KHAS to give us the facts.  Thanks, Street Sweeper!

In addition to everything StreetSweeper is reporting, we’d like to add a couple things.

Insane Jane has consistently questioned the campaign finance books of Republican candidates and organizations across Nebraska.  So, she’s an enormous hypocrite on this issue.   And you’re surprised?

For Insane Jane to say “oh, whoops, sorry – I’m just a mom!” on this issue is unacceptable.  Let’s face it – a politico like Insane Jane knows better than to wait until election day to report her campaign contributions.  If any Republican besides RINO Senators Brad Ashford or Hasting’s own Dennis Utter pulled this type of stunt, Insane Jane would publicly chastise him/her.  The voters of Hastings should be furious (and many are!) over Insane Jane’s hypocritical double-standard.  WE need to hold her accountable for intentionally misleading voters in our community.

Not to mention – $8,000 to run for school board in Hastings Nebraska?  Are you kidding?  That’s what it takes for your well-known name to win?  Jane really is insane, and so are the contributors to her campaign!

Insane Jane:  We expect more out of our elected officials.  You should resign from the Hastings School Board immediately and issue an apology to the citizens of Hastings for being such an amateur.  This is truly unacceptable.

We don’t have to go far to prove our point about the media love-fest with Insane Jane.  Check out this recent article from the Lincoln Journal Star where Jane is quoted telling how much she loves Nebraska millionaire Democratic contributor and major funding source of Bold Nebraska, Omaha’s own baby-killer, Dick Holland.  And the day before, it was apparently imperative that the LJS posted this article titled “Jane Kleeb’s View of Dick Holland“.  One question Don Walton:  Who gives a damn and why do you hang on every word Insane Jane says?  Walton, you make us sick.  (You too, Nancy Hicks!)

We’ll let you know when Don Walton decides to write a piece about Jane’s favorite fashion trends for 2011.  We’re betting it will describe her love for neck-hiding tops that she buys while on frequent shopping trips with Sen. Danielle Conrad.

Also, we recently got a personal email from our very own Queen of Insane.  We haven’t replied yet, but we’re going to do it publicly here.   We promise you’ll get a kick out of it, and we’ll share that to you next week so be sure to check back.