Flashlights, Jane & the Governor’s Mansion – Oh My!

In August, The folks at BOLD held several “Stand With Randy” events across the state including “Africans Stand with Randy”, “Women Stand with Randy” and our favorite, “People who hate Bush and Stand with Obama also Stand with Randy” also held an event at 9:30pm on a Friday night called “Shine a Little Light on Heineman”.

Insane Janers with Flashlights

Protesters were encouraged to go to the Governor’s mansion at 9:30pm and shine flashlights at his house.  Do we have to point out the obvious here?  This must be one of the dumbest things we’ve ever heard of…almost.

The funniest thing of all is that Governor Dave wasn’t even home at the time of the protest.  Epic Fail?  We think so.

If Gov Dave had been home, wouldn’t an angry mob of people standing outside his house yelling and shining flashlights at his home be considered assault?  At minimum, harassment?  We’re pretty confident that if authorities would have gotten involved and started arresting Jane’s hippies, she would have personally avoided arrest and thrown her croonies under the bus, just like she did in Washington last week (more on that later).

Our friends at LeavenworthSt posted this YouTube video that has some interesting interviews with the flashlighters:

Interestingly enough, these folks will blindly vote for Obama, even when his State Department is in support of the current pipeline route.  Kool-Aid from Hastings, anyone?

We’re still trying to get the downlow on who this Randy person is that Insane Jane is standing with, and will be writing more about that soon.


One response to “Flashlights, Jane & the Governor’s Mansion – Oh My!

  • Helen

    I’m sure you guys are nice people when we’re not talking about politics, but some of the things you say are really out of line. You guys are cyberbullying. I don’t care that our opinions differ. A lot of the anti-pipeline people are conservatives just like you. And I love them, because they’re hard working people being threatened by TransCanada. I’m not asking you to go liberal. I’m asking you to try and see the good people you’re insulting. As kids, we learn that no matter where you come from, no matter what you’ve done or believed, you are never better or worse than your fellow man. And so I ask you to sit with someone who doesn’t agree with something you like, and get to know them as a person. I ask you to try and think of how your hateful words could hurt. The saying ‘words can never hurt me’ is a lie. I ask you to remember that.

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