Insane Jane Writes Us

We reported that we received a private email from the Queen of Insane, and that the emaill was, well…confirmation of our efforts here.

Insane Jane writes Hastings Watcher

We’ve authenticated this email address through a google search, and it did in fact come from Insane Jane’s email account.  Here’s what it says:


As someone who struggled with mental illness for years, which literally almost took my life, you have stepped over the line calling me insane.

You should ask yourself why you call for transparency and then do not even use your own name.

Get some courage.


Jane Fleming Kleeb


So much commentary can be made about this short email, but we’ll try to give it to you in a nutshell:

#1:   Insane Jane used to struggle with mental illness?  Everyone knows liberalism is a mental disease.

#2:  Watch how Insane Jane plays the victim…again.  Classic liberal line.

#3:  How many times did we hear “stepped over the line”, “gone too far” etc. from Democrats in the 2008 election cycle?  Apparently she learns from the best.

#4:  The names of the authors of this blog are insignificant, because we don’t publicly advocate for the advancement of communism.  All we do is point out how insane Jane is.  And let’s face it – that’s a very simple task.

If you know a good psychiatrist and would like to recommend him/her to Insane Jane, please forward contact information direct to Jane:  Let’s together get Insane Jane the help she needs to overcome her mental illness.


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