Why pick on Insane Jane?

Insane Jane and her progressive “grassroots” organization BoldNebraska have promoted everything from extreme business regulation to redistribution of wealth.  Someone needs to hold Insane Jane and her croonies accountable for outright lies and attacks on conservative groups, respectable conservative Nebraskan politicians and America.

To put it very simply, Insane Jane is a socialist and a communist.  Her priorities come straight from President Obama’s talking points and her strategies are often less than honorable.

Like most of the national main stream media, liberal Nebraska press loves Insane Jane.  In fact, almost every news spot or article that she’s involved in completely ignores opposing conservative logic.

It is high time someone points out her ridiculous claims, and that’s just what we intend to do.

The anonymous conservative authors of insanejanekleeb.wordpress.com are setting out to combat Bold Nebraska’s misinformation campaign and discover what their organization is attempting to do to our communities, our state and our country, and to report on it.  We will not stand by idly while the truth is being ignored and American principles are being eroded.

Insane Jane, you’ve finally met your match.


5 responses to “Why pick on Insane Jane?

  • Helen

    Who uses WordPress anymore? Switch to Tumblr.

  • Dan Vestecka

    Hastingswatcher and you other nameless ingnorants need to get educated a little more on the pipeline. Who owns the refineries it is going to and according to an independent Cornell University study the oil that will be refined will end up in Asia and most likely China. The jobs won’t be the 20,000 like keystone/ transcon has stated. It will be closer to 5,000 and probably even fewer. This pipeline is strongly supported by the Koch brothers and will only make them richer at the expense of traversing the Beautiful state of Nebraska. My grandchildren will most likely see the demise of the sandhill cranes as we as a species destroy our planet. I’ll bet you nameless fools watch FOX news too…. wise up before it’s too late.

  • Concerned Nebraska

    Insane Jane is on the Hastings School Board you know. This is why I homeschool.

  • Ceasar

    Jane Kleeb is absolutely out of control. My entire family THANKS YOU for putting this blog together and keeping her accountable!!!

  • Old Timer

    Everything Jane does is for the kids. She has the future in mind. In fact the kids are so important she has started the KKK – Kleeb Kids Klub. Kids can learn activism from an early age, all the way up until dropping out of high school to become professional rally crashers. Start out as Webelo Witch or Warlock and rise through the ranks to the top spot as a Eagle Bitch or Eagle Asshole. Learn from the best along the way. Jane’s all-star line-up of washed up hippies reliving the 60′s provide valuable insight into doing jackshit. But one thing is for sure, Jane’s KKK will inspire a new degeneration of Nebraskan’s to keep up the good fight.

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